I know that media visibility will position me for bigger speaking engagements and more revenue, but I don’t know the first thing about pitching my brand story to TV producers and news editors… HELP!

As an entrepreneur, I understand that time is of the essence. When you’re busy serving customers and brainstorming ideas, you don’t have the time or energy to pitch yourself to Good Morning America. In addition to that, cost can play a factor.

For most small business owners, hiring a publicist on retainer is simply not feasible. In the meantime, they still need expertise from someone who can position them among the right media outlets.

The right media outlets? Isn’t all publicity good publicity? That’s what they say in Hollywood.

How can I put this delicately.. THEY LIED! If you have the opportunity to be in the limelight it should be strategic to help you reach a desired goal. If you are an elite wedding coordinator, wouldn’t you rather be featured in Munaluchi or The Knot instead of being plastered across WorldStar? After all, the purpose of seeking press and media is to be visible among your target audience.

And speaking of target audience, I’ve got something just for YOU! No more worrying about time, money, or figuring out a pitch strategy because I’ve got you covered with PRESS BEYOND MEASURE™!

Get Media Visibility With Done-For-You Pitches AND Press Opportunities Sent Directly To Your Inbox with PRESS BEYOND MEASURE™

Subscription to Press Beyond MeasureIncludes

  • Monthly attention-grabbing pitch ideas that TV news producers are interested in so you don’t have to waste time figuring it out
  • Monthly PR webinar in which I teach you how to be your own publicist so you can continuously get interviews and media mentions
    • How To Handle A PR Crisis 
    • Press Kit 101
    •  Building Relationships With Media Personalities
  • Email support to answer your most “pressing” questions such as:
    • How do I write the perfect press release? 
    • How do I get my brand or business media attention during holidays? 
    • I get nervous when it’s time to talk about my business. How do I stop stumbling over my words and give a flawless interview? 
  • Additional help from guest experts and accountability support the in PRESS BEYOND MEASURE™ Facebook Group 




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