Blessed & Bossy: Tramika Thomas of Blak Swan Talks Fall Fashion and Upcoming Pop Up Shop Expo

Tramika Thomas

Tramika Thomas is a close friend of mine, and a bayou boss you should get to know. She was recently affected by Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but it takes a lot more to slow her down!

On Saturday, October 18, 2020, Tramika will host a pop up shop in Lafayette, Louisiana that will provide business resources for participating vendors from all industries, not just fashion. Shoppers will also enjoy complimentary wine upon entering the venue.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the owner of Blak Swan about the forthcoming event and more. Check it out!

CoCo Curator (CC): What prompted you to start an online boutique?

Tramika Thomas (TT): I have a passion for fashion and shopping! I also love when my friends ask me to help them find something cute to wear to a specific event. It makes me feel like a personal stylist, so what better thing to do than open a boutique that offers what they need!

CC: What fashion trends do you predict for the Fall and Winter?

TT: What seems to be trending this Fall are fitted track suits and sweats that you can dress up with a pair of heels, or down with a cute pair of sneakers. High waisted jeans and bell bottoms have also been making their debut yet again these days! You can also expect to see lots of faux fur jackets and blazers, earth toned blouses, and mini skirts with knee or thigh high boots this Winter season!

CC: Tell us about future plans for Blak Swan.

TT: Blak Swan is currently operating with a boutique and a skin essentials line. What’s next the brand is our very own clothing and shoe line with original designs. We’re in the market to grow; we’re definitely not stopping with what we have now. This is just the beginning!

CC: Why should people attend your upcoming pop up shop?

TT: I host these pop up shops to help other entrepreneurs expand their reach, network and socialize with other entrepreneurs, and to make more money! You can’t grow if your subject to stay in one place working with the same people. But when you move around and are able to meet others, you are able to grow. You never know what business ventures may come your way when you network!

CC: Is there anything you’d like to add or clarify?  

TT: I’d like to clarify that we’re not in business to compete with any other businesses. We’re in business because this is a passion and it’s been something I’ve always wanted to do. God put me in a place where I can afford to invest in myself, so I’m accomplishing a goal of mine. I’ve helped many other people start businesses at no cost and I don’t have a problem with doing so!

As as one person you can’t possibly supply the whole world with all of their needs, meaning there’s more than enough money out there for us all to succeed. When you make it a competition, you end up losing your own race. When you do something, make sure it’s something you love doing and not just for show or popularity. That can end up in disaster. As for Blak Swan, we will continue to be positive and look forward to a successful future in business!

For more information on Fall Into Fashion, contact Tramika Thomas at (337) 304-8222.

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