Dear Entrepreneur: Stop Whining About Locals Who Don’t Support Your Online Business

Lizzo doesn’t play tag because she been it. 

The fox in Aesop’s Fables was totally unbothered when he couldn’t reach the grapes on the vine.

And somebody’s Southern grandmother coined the phrase “What God has for me is for ME!” 

If any of these instances resonate with you, why the hell do you care if the people down the street support your worldwide business? 

Yes! Having a website and social media accounts positions your business to reach potential customers OUTSIDE of your hometown, even people in other countries. If you are selling products that can be shipped, why are you writing angry statuses on Facebook about a lack of support? Go find some people who actually WANT to buy from you.

But Co, I don’t sell T-shirts or candles. I’m a consultant/coach. I want to get more clients enrolled in my program, but no one ever signs up.

Somebody Justifying Their Mess

Cool. No one is asking that you get your Henry “Box” Brown on and ship yourself across country. (By the way, his story is a fascinating piece of Black History, so click the hyperlink at some point.) However, I am telling you that just like you use the internet to meet potential baes, you can meet potential buyers outside of your local area. The same energy you put into video chatting with strangers can be utilized for a paid consultation with a client. The same audacity that encourages you to lurk on your ex’s Facebook page should be used to find your dream clients on social media.

And even if your profession does require you to actually get hands-on with the client, hope is not lost. Manicurists, dog sitters, etc. can learn how to target customers outside of their hometown with Google ads, in addition to other creative social media marketing tactics. We say word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, but people can’t talk about something they’ve never experienced. Embrace technology to attract clientele so that people can see and feel what they’ve been missing.

I would tell you that I hope I didn’t offend you, but I stopped lying about 10 years ago and I’m tired of you boo-hooing in these internet streets. Keep in mind that everyone is not “hatin’ on you”. Maybe they just don’t see what you offer as a necessity for THEM. Maybe your approach is all wrong. Whatever it is, that’s your problem to solve and divorcing your friends, family and followers every time they don’t hit your Cash App is making you look unprofessional.

Consider this my virtual hug because you deserve one. If your brand is as great as you declare it to be, all you have to do is publicize it to people who actually need what you offer. Forbes Council business coach Latasha Bailey has a mantra that I love: Find your tribe and break bread. It’s really THAT simple.

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