Mama Knows Best: Mia X Puts No Limit On Her Personal Brand

Having the legendary Mia X at My “I Need Business Besties Brunch” at Neyow’s Palace this past January was EVERYTHING! I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a celebrity with such a pleasant spirit. I invited her to do a book signing of her cookbook/memoir, Things My Grandma Told Me, Things My Grandma Showed Me. Of course, the recording artist turned author signed a truckload of books that afternoon, but she also spit a verse unexpectedly, gave my attendees some real woman advice, made herself available to everyone who wanted to take a selfie, AND not only did she stay the whole time—she filled in where needed with clean up when all the fun and fabulosity of the brunch was over.  Now that’s what you call class!

We can learn a lot from Mia Young. One thing she’s taught me is the party don’t stop, especially when it comes to authentically reinventing your brand in a way that makes your audience lifelong fans. Here is a closer look at the gumbo of platforms that shape the brand that is Mia X.


Her career started with Mannie Fresh in 1984, but in 1992, Mia released a single titled “Da Payback”, which became an anthem for women and the blueprint Notorious B.I.G. used to develop Lil’ Kim. Critics considered the single the long-awaited answer to the misogynistic style of rap music during that time.

Mia X released her  highly-anticipated debut album titled Good Girl Gone Bad in 1995.  Two years later she released her sophomore album titled Unlady Like . It paid homage to pioneers Salt-N-Pepa with a remake of  I’ll Take Your Man.” The album charted on Billboard’s 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts and eventually was certified gold by the RIAA.  Mia dropped her third studio album Mama Drama, which also charted on Billboard ‘s 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

But wait, there’s more! Did you know that Mia has appeared in 7 films including I Got The Hook Up? Today, she continues to ghostwrite for some of your favorite male rappers.

I plan to catch Mia at this year’s Jazz Fest and Essence Fest in New Orleans.  Follow the leader and make yourself visible at one of these concerts!

Community Activism

No offense to any of the other zodiac signs, but we Capricorns are simply the best!  Did you know that Mia spends her birthdays helping the less fortunate in New Orleans? On her 49th birthday she and her friends gave away 300 supply bags and 100 meals to the homeless community who reside across from City Hall and under the Claiborne Bridge.

Mia is also an advocate for those who are still recovering from the travesty of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and continues to do her part in preserving the city’s legacy.


Mama Mia represents beauty inside and out. The Unlady Like Diva could rock a basketball jersey or camouflage and make it cute. I’m still looking for the right pants suit to wear with a push-up bra because of her. And don’t act like her hairstyles weren’t on your wish list! Mother is still keeping her wig in tact with her own hair line, the Mia X Collection by Geaux Beautiful.

Team Whip Dem Pots   

If you follow Mia on Instagram, then you know her wrist game is just as official as her pen game. Mama Mia is a highly sought-after chef. If you can’t book her to cater your event, you can taste her good eats at Overflow Market & Cafe on Wednesdays, serving up healthy remixes of tacos and salads.


Anyone who considers themselves an expert or the authority on any subject matter should write a book at some point in his or her career. Last year, Mia released Things My Grandma Told, Things My Grandma Showed Me, a perfect combination of recipes and heartfelt life lessons passed down  her late grandmother.  In the book, Mia shares a wealth of knowledge with chapters like “If Your Mama Didn’t Name You Punching Bag or Door Mat” and “The Way To His Heart Is Not Through Your Panties”.

As for the recipes, I need to stop playing and try to recreate her Cu’bion and Silver Dollar Sweet Potatoes for dessert… Maybe my bossed up, 6’4 husband will show up.

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