Personal Branding Is A Piece Of C.A.K.E.

No longer are the days of business owners hiding behind a logo or an LLC.  With the rise of social media, personal branding allows entrepreneurs to market themselves and their career as the actual brand, which in turn, attracts a larger audience and allows business to boom! The psychology behind this makes perfect sense. Consumers are people, and people want to feel a real connection to who they’re spending money with. Ready to start building your personal brand? Here are the key ingredients to creating a yummy narrative.

Start with Consistency   

When you visit your barber or manicurist, you look forward to a certain delivery that you have become accustomed to. Consistency not only entails the quality of your service, but also the visual aesthetics of your brand. Your fonts and brand colors should be consistent across the board. The tone in which you speak to your audience should not stray from the norm, or you will confuse and lose them. You can’t be the life coach who facilitates sessions like Joel Osteen, then switch it up to Iyanla Vanzant’s “in your face” approach. What you use to attract your followers is what you need to keep them.

And finally, consistency also requires that you don’t go ghost on your platforms for an extended period of time. Building a personal brand takes time and it will take even longer to gain an audience if you keep disappearing. If this is something that you’re guilty of, I would suggest scheduling content in advance with HooteSuite or CoSchedule.

Add Plenty Authenticity  

Why give the world your best imitation of someone else when you can be the marvelous you God created? As, I’ve mentioned in a previous post, we all need mentors and to associate with like-minded creatives. However, there is a fine line between admiring someone’s business model and being a copycat.  Thieves are being called out on social media and sued for using other people’s content without permission. Moreover, when you imitate your competition, (purposely or not) it doesn’t benefit the people you’re called to serve. If they wanted to see impersonations, they’d go to a comedy show.

Throw In Some Kinship 

Your vibe will indeed attract your tribe! It is embarrassing to see an admin pose a question to his or her group and NO ONE responds. If you find yourself posting on social media and getting no substantial feedback, that’s a problem.

Having a huge number of social media followers may be your goal, but engagement is life. If you see an account with a gargantuan amount of followers and very little likes, comments and shares, the follows are most likely from a bot. The only way to get a real audience to interact with you is to produce content that interests them or provides a solution they’ve been looking for. That’s when you’ll attract your tribe. Without kinship, there’s no one to market to. And if there’s no one to market to, there’s no ticket sales, book purchases or services sold.

Sidebar: Consistency and authenticity establish the kinship you want your audience to feel when they connect with you. No parts of the recipe can be substituted or left out.

Please Don’t Forget the Expertise 

How can I put this delicately… YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT AND DO WHAT YOU SAY YOU CAN DO!  The overall success of your personal brand will be the result of how well you convey what you claim to be an expert in. If you’re the go-to for gardening, then make us a believer by sharing the professional knowledge you possess.

I knew a guy who would post about how he could turn high school players into NBA stars. He never shared tips on how parents should prepare their children for athletic success and he never produced videos of him mentoring and molding students for the NBA. No pictures of nutritious meal preps–nothing at all except “enroll your child today”. Needless to say, he became frustrated because parents didn’t support his program. But can you blame them? Potential clients are not interested in spending money on your target practice. They want a sure shot and it’s up to you to provide evidence of the miracles your business can perform.

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