Ronnie, Bobby, Rickey & Mike Show Us How To Execute A Flawless Interview

When I tuned into this Breakfast Club interview, I expected to hear about the internal conflict between New Edition involving a trademark and why they weren’t touring as the six-member ensemble we love and cherish. While the interview did provide more insight on these matters and spill a teenie tiny drop of tea, that was not the highlight for me. As a media professional, my mind is always laser focused on the way people choose to a deliver a message. It could be as simple as my mom telling me why she supposedly doesn’t have time to bring me a plate of red beans, or a PSA from a public figure advocating for a cause he or she is passionate about. In any event, I’m paying attention to what one says as well as how it’s said. This is what media training is all about—teaching individuals to effectively and strategically communicate with journalists and reporters during interviews and press conferences.

Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike, currently known as RBRM, did a fantastic job while chopping it up with the Charlemagne and the gang. Here are four points from the recent Breakfast Club interview that allude to excellent media training:

They came with an agenda and crushed it. 

Let’s be very clear. The sole purpose of  RBRM participating in this interview was to get free publicity for the tour they’re headlining and to plug The Bobby Brown Story. However, participating in media is a give and take situation. Journalists and show hosts have a job to do and that does not include promoting your cause for free, so naturally, you have to talk about whatever is brought up. This is why it’s important that you receive media training from someone who can create talking points. Talking points will help you stay on topic and get your message out, even if the conversation pivots to things you don’t want to talk about.

They were able to answer the tough questions without them sounding “constructed” by a publicist.   

Speaking of things you don’t want to talk about, when you agree to do an interview there is a possibility to be asked anything, including questions about your group breaking up and past drug use. When speaking on the alleged break up, each member contributed to the conversation and explained that there is nothing but brotherly love between all six of the New Edition members. This is extremely important to note because often times one person will speak on behalf of an entire group as if no one else has an opinion–and that is unrealistic.

It should never be obvious that an interviewee has been “coached” on what to say. Any remarks given should properly address the situation AND sound like dialogue that would normally flow from the person’s mouth. Often times publicists issue damage control statements that sound way too formal for the clients they represent.

“Not today!”, said Bobby Brown.   

Bobby Brown took every little step necessary to make sure he had himself together for this major PR opportunity! He pushed through this interview as anchor, and the guys followed his lead. He was clearly off the drugs and focused on business.

When life hands you the opportunity to capitalize on exposure, use it wisely. With the success of  the 2017 New Edition biopic, Bobby began planting small seeds for a major comeback, even making an appearance on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood as a mentor to B2K’s Lil’ Fizz. Bobby has had a bad reputation, but on this day he put his best foot forward and gave us the artist we’ve all been rooting for.

I’m sure someone was watching this and waiting for Bobby to act a fool, but God had other plans! When media calls, leverage the opportunity to reach your audience, right your wrongs and claim your title as the baddest at whatever you do. A second chance is not guaranteed.

Each member capitalized on the opportunity to plug their individual personal brands.  

When the tide is right, you have got to ride the wave! Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike each have awesome projects going on outside of the tour and were able to promote them.

At the end of an interview you usually have time for closing remarks. When my clients do the Tom Joyner Morning Show, they are always ready to state where their products and services can be purchased. Because the opportunity to be heard by millions of listeners doesn’t happen everyday, you have to be prepared. That means making sure your website links are up and running and having up-to-date contact information, among other things.


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